25W drives with wireless dimming

December 10

LC 25 / 350–1050 / 50 bDW SC PRE2 - For control with Casambi


Flexible drive unit with constant current output


LC 25 / 350–1050 / 50 bDW SC PRE2 is a 25W constant current LED driver with wireless dimming (Dimming range from 1-100%). For control with Casambi | Push. Max current 1050mA and Max power 25W. LED current is selected in steps of 1 mA via I-SELECT2 resistor plug.


The accessories are available for LC 25 / 350–1050 / 50 bDW SC PRE2 Tension relief LC 25W 15mm (Board) and Tension relief LC 25W 30mm (long). They enable selectable strain relief for applications with remote mounting and convert LED actuators to a fully class II compatible LED actuator (eg ceiling mounting). Long and Board strain relief can be combined.