The obelisk on Sergels torg

A case from Lightronic

Changing colors on Sergels torgs glass obelisk

“Crystal, vertical accent in glass and steel”, is Edvin Öhrström's glass obelisk on Sergels Torg. Since 1974 when it was inaugurated, the large built-in light sources provided white light filtered through the 60 dimly colored glass prisms.

In 2015, the decision was made to dismantle the obelisk to refurbish its steel frame and clean all the glass prisms. At the same time as the renovation, a new lighting system was to be developed with modern controllable light sources, which would enable completely optional color settings. In connection with the selection of the new unique light sources were chosen Lightronic as a supplier.

Our Iris RGB was equipped with specially composed LED combinations to provide the opportunity for an extra wide color range.

Images: Lightronic