Consulting within LED from Lightronic helps you all the way from development to construction work in the production of your unique LED solution. We undertake comprehensive solutions or partial assignments. The work may include electronics design, prototypdevelopments and assembly work.

Inspiration for unique solutions can be found in our standard range of LED products, it consists of well-proven solutions tested over time. The knowledge we have acquired from having developed and constructed a number of product series, we take with us into our consulting assignments.

We usually start by looking at your specific needs and then look at the appropriate electronics design. Then the proto beginstypdevelopment to then assemble, test and produce the developed product. Welcome to Contact Us to book a meeting.

The obelisk on Sergels torg in Stockholm is one CASE​ where our Consulting in LED came in handy in the work of developing a unique LED solution Together with Luxlight we have developed a specially adapted Iris RGB that has enabled a light in any color.