Two-channel white tunable driver

06th of May 2021

Constant current 42W with DALI2 and Push - from new supplier Boke

In order to be able to steplessly regulate color temperature and luminous flux, LEDs with two different color temperatures are required. These require a driver that can interpret control signals and ensure that the right diodes receive the right portion of current. This is what our new drive from BOKE, BK-DWL042-1050AD manages.

Color temperature and brightness are regulated with DALI2 (DT8) or with a single-pole pushbutton connected to the Push-dim and Push-CCT inputs. For wireless control via the Casambia app, BK-DWL042-1050AD can be supplemented by e.g. one Casambi CBU-ASD.

The light is flicker-free and dims steplessly between 1 and 100%. The LED modules are protected thanks to a built-in threat plug-in function. The constant current setting is common to both channels and goes from 600 to 1050mA. Maximum power is 42W. Smart strain reliefs without screws make installation more efficient.